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From the Pastor

My Sisters and Brothers,

As we begin another year,  I want to again encourage each of us to think about how each one of us might do more for the Lord next year. Below is a check list that I want you to consider as you decide how you might shape your activities over the next twelve months.  May God guide and direct you and remember only what you do for Christ will last!  Why don't you bless the Lord as He has blessed you!


I will attend at least one Prayer and Praise Service each month.                                            

I will attend at least two Bible Study classes each month.                                                       

I will give at least one Sunday a month to the Outreach Ministry.                                        

I will join at least one ministry or organization of the church.                                              

I will begin to tithe this month.                                                                                                     

I will increase my giving by some set amount this year.                                                         

I will invite at least one person each month to worship with me.                                            

I will volunteer to drive the church van once a month.                                                             

I will pray for someone other than a family member.                                                               

I will pray for our church at least once a week.                                                                         

I will pray at least once a week that God will work in our neighborhood.                             

I will pray for the clergy and staff.                                                                                               

I will visit or call someone on our sick list at least once a month.                                         

I will give some time to the Learning Center.