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Audio Tape Ministry 
he Audio Tape Ministry is a service ministry to the Pastor, congregation, and sick and shut-ins. Those in this ministry have a passion for using technology as a means of recording and sharing God's Word.  This ministry also has the responsibility of managing the sound system for the various services of the church.  Tapes and CD's of individual sermons and packaged series are available.
Contact Person: Bro. Lovie Fulse


Church School Ministry 
The Church School ministry is committed to demonstrating the power of God by examining and studying the scriptures. The Church School Ministry has the responsibility of being the teaching ministry of the Church.  It is the training ground for Christians.  The classes arenot just for children, but for Christians of all ages.  Contact Person: Sis. Betty Frederick
Christian Education Ministry
This ministry:
bulletfosters Christian growth and development of church members.
bulletdevelops and implements a comprehensive plan for study, worship, and  recreation.  Contact Person: Sis. Virginia Smith
Computer Support Ministry
The Computer Support Ministry uses the technological advances of the World Wide Web as an outreach ministry. The purpose of the website is to invite, inform, encourage and spread God's Word through a medium that is accessible to our church leaders, membership and community as a whole, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact Person: Bro. Bernard Jones
Deacon Ministry
The Deacons assist the Pastor  and church in promoting the spiritual welfare of the church. Their responsibilities include assisting in serving communion and visiting the sick and shut-in members.
Contact Persons: Deacons Edward Rich and Robert Harris
Deaconess Ministry
The chief responsibility of the Deaconesses is to serve the people within the church fellowship. They cooperate with the Pastor and Deacons in promoting the spiritual welfare of the church. Their responsibilities include assisting in serving communion and visiting the sick and shut-in members.

Contact Person: Deaconess Lubertha Huggins
Gideon's Group Ministry
The Gideon's Group is a select group working to maintain the security and well-being of the church. Contact Person:
Grief Ministry
The Grief Ministry consists of counselors who are available to assist the congregation of Tabernacle as well as people in the community who have had grievous occurrences in their lives. These occurrences may include illness, death, loss of job, loss of home, relocation, broken marriage, or natural disaster.
Person: Deaconess Barbara Adams
Health Ministry
Mission Statement:
Promote healthy lifestyles, chronic disease prevention and wellbeing with a focus on whole mind, body, and spirit.
To empower church members and community residents to achieve and maintain a state of wellbeing through the process of integrating the functions of the body, mind, and spirit.
bulletDevelop a survey to assess the health and needs of the congregation and community
bulletImplement health programs to address the identified need
bulletDevelop an action plan according to the results of the survey
bulletPromote the connection between health and spirituality
bulletPromote the whole-person (body, mind, and spirit) approach to good health
bulletHelp facilitate the move from physician-dependent to patient involved health care    
bulletContact Person Sis. Florenzia Davis
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Men's Ministry
The Men's Ministry is designed to equip and prepare men to accept and rejoice in the challenge to be Godly leaders- in their homes, churches, communities, and the world. This ministry helps men to develop spiritually,  mentally, emotionally, and physically through the Word of God.

Contact: Bro. Paul Dumars, Sr.
Missionary Ministry
The Missionary Ministry conducts the missionary activities of the church. This ministry sponsors prayer groups, visits sick and shut-in members, works in our out-reach programs, and participates in many other church programs. There are three circles that fall under the auspices of the Missionary Ministry: Circle #1, Emily Thompson Circle, and the Young Matrons.

Contact Person: Deaconess Annie R. White

Month Ministries of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

The Month Ministries of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church seek to establish a stronger spirituality among our members and be sure that each one feels validated.


Working under the guidance of our Pastor, the three "church ladies" (Sisters Carolyn Burgess-Govan, Lillian Cunningham, and Wanita Dixon), cheerfully strive to assist with the activities of the month ministries, recommending opportunities for fellowship and encouraging consistency across the months.

Contact persons: Month Ministry Presidents

Music Ministry
The purpose of the Music Ministry is to offer unto the Lord a ministry of praise and worship through the singing and playing of inspirational hymns, spirituals, traditional and contemporary gospel music.  The choirs provide music for our worship services and other church programs.

Contact Person:  Bro. Ralph Pittman, Jr., Director of Church Music
Outreach Ministry
The Outreach Ministry serves breakfast and provides clothing and supplies for the needy every Sunday morning in the Fellowship Hall. Also, this ministry works closely with many families in the Northwest community by providing Spiritual inspiration and other needed support. Contact Person: Sis. Lois Williams 
Public Relations Ministry
The Public Relations Ministry has the responsibility of promoting a favorable relationship between the church and the community through the newsletter, news articles, website, and by other means of publicity.
Contact Persons: Bro. Chris Smith and Sis. Monika Pugh
Pulpit Aide Ministry
This ministry arranges for various amenities in the pulpit.

Contact Person: Sis. Emma K. Lynn
Seniors' Ministry
The mission of Tabernacle's Seniors' Ministry is to be available to assist its seniors and the seniors of the Northwest Community in leading a healthy, fulfilling, and productive lifestyle. The Seniors' Ministry's areas of focus are
bulletTelephone calls and Seniors' hotline
bulletHome visits
bulletBus trips - local and long distance
bulletTransportation - doctors and grocery shopping
bulletHealth and wellness
bulletHome maintenance/small repair
bulletArts and Crafts
bulletDrug Store Discounts
bulletSeniors' Recognition Program
Contact Person: Sis. Betty Frederick  
Single Ministry 
This ministry is for singles of all ages.  It is a time for singles to get together for  fellowship with one another. Various topics will be  discussed that will enable the single person to prepare for his/her Christian walk.
Contact Person for reorganization: Sis. Barbara Cheives

Social Justice Ministry 

The vision of this ministry is to uphold the biblical mandate of being that prophetic voice in the Northwest Community and throughout Palm Beach County when needed. The goal of this ministry is to assess the community and speak out against injustices as they may arise. Sis. Maxine Cheesman and Sis. Barbara Cheives serve as Co-Corordinators.
Trustee Ministry  
Members are elected by the church to serve as legal custodians for the property of the church.  To comply with the law, it is necessary to empower representatives to handle all legal and financial details relating to the property.
Contact Person: Bro. Ulysses Smith
Tabernacle Learning Center
Currently, the Tabernacle Learning Center is not in operation as we launch our capital campaign and endowment fund-raising effort.  This effort will provide funds for the building of a new facility as well as an endowment fund for the ongoing operation of the facility.  When completed, the newly built multi-purpose facility, at the corner of Eighth Street and Division Avenue, will include an after-school  tutorial  program for  the children in the community. The program will provide homework assistance, skills  practice,  and computer programs that enhance reading, writing, math, and  FCAT skills.   The children will again be exposed to  lessons in etiquette, art, self-esteem, and peacemaking skills.  Field trips are also a part of the children's Learning Center experience.
Contact Person:
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